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chinese children book 中秋节

Mid-Autumn Festival Must-Read Chinese Books for Children

中秋节,带孩子一起读这些好故事吧! Mid-autumn festival is upon us! Share the rich cultural history and celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year with these fantastic reads from JoJo Learning. Among many books about the mid-autumn festivals, thoese are our favorites! 

《小星星的大月饼》Big Mooncake for Little Star

Included in the Grace Lin collection

In this book, author Grace Lin gives her unique take on the mid-autumn festival story after the traditional tale failed to resonate with her young daughter. This is a beautifully engaging story that demonstrates the cultural relevance of the mid-autumn festival in a way that children can understand and fully enjoy!

Available for purchase here.


《兔儿爷》 Lord Rabbit


Lord Rabbit is a touching reimagination of the mid-autumn festival tradition of gifting clay rabbits. Aided by beautiful illustrations, this story serves as a fantastic opportunity for children of all ages to connect with traditional Chinese culture and cultural practices.

Available for purchase here.


《中秋节》Full Moon Festival

Included in the Traditional Chinese Festivals 7-book Set

This book series follows main characters 团团 and 圆圆 as they celebrate a variety of Chinese holidays with their family. As they celebrate, 团团 and 圆圆 discover the rich cultural traditions associated with these major festivals and develop a deeper appreciation for them. 《中秋节》Full Moon Festival beautifully captures the history and importance of the mid-autumn festival in a fun and visually appealing way that children will love!

Available for purchase here.


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