JoJo Subscription Frequently Asked Question 

What is JoJo’s written form: Simplified or Traditional Chinese?

All JoJo materials are in Simplified Chinese. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are written forms of Chinese that are shared by speakers of all the different spoken Chinese dialects. Simplified Chinese is the standard way of writing in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. Traditional Chinese writing is the choice mostly preferred in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.  

What is JoJo’s spoken form: Mandarin, Cantonese or other Chinese dialects?

All JoJo’s audiobooks are read in Mandarin (普通话). Mandarin is the standard way of speaking in mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan. Cantonese is the standard way of speaking in Hong Kong.  Mandarin is increasingly gaining importance even in historically Cantonese-speaking regions as a standard dialect commonly spoken at schools and in professional settings.

How do I know JoJo books are good selections for my child?

JoJo Box only includes world-class books that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Award winning world literature translated into simplified Chinese
  • Award winning original books written and illustrated by Chinese authors and artists  
  • Books that have received a critical mass of rave reviews from educators, parents and, most importantly, children!

How can JoJo audiobooks help me and my child?

  • Audio books unleash the power of multimodal inputs for language acquisition. Brain science has demonstrated that language acquisition is most effective when coordinated with visual, conceptual and phonological inputs. When a child is listening to a story she has read, looked at and touched before, her auditory, visual, and conceptual systems in the brain click, and the magic of learning happens.
  • Audio books help to tackle the biggest challenge of second language acquisition: lack of language input. Audiobooks can be played in the car, by the soccer fields, as bedtime stories or morning wake-up calls. Audio books are flexible enough to fill fractions of time your child may have.
  • With audio books, non-Chinese speaking parents can now be part of their children’s joyful reading experience. Sit down with your child, open a beautiful book, and read together with the assistance of the audio narration!


    How do I access the audiobooks?

    You will have access to a playlist of all the audiobooks included in the box on your mobile devices or PC computer through a private SoundCloud account. The SoundCloud App is available on both Android and iOS systems.  You may play the audio books as a companion to the physical books or play them by themselves. We believe you will soon discover the magic that “reading” the same book in both audio and visual formats will bring to your child’s Chinese learning experience.  

    How do I know which page the audio book is on if I do not read or understand Chinese at all?

    There are two hints to help you and your child follow the reading of the book:  1st, page-turning sound indicator; second, pinyin, the standard system of Romanized spelling for transliterating Chinese (available for some, though not all books).


    How does an Ongoing Subscription work?

    Signing up for a ongoing subscription means that you will be charged for your first box when you place your order.  You will be charged for your next box on the 12th day of the month before your next box shipment. (This extra time allows us to order in bulk from China in order to keep costs low for you.) You can cancel this subscription at any time prior to the 12th of the month before your box ships. To cancel your subscription, email customer service at support@jojolearning.com.  You will receive one box every month until you cancel your ongoing subscription.

    How do the prepaid subscriptions work?

    When you sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 subscription, you make an one-time payment for all boxes. Prepaid subscriptions do not automatically renew. If you would like to receive additional boxes after your subscription ends, you can purchase another subscription.  

    Will my subscription auto-renew?

    Only the ongoing subscription plan will auto-renew.  JoJo will continue to send you a box once every month until you cancel your ongoing subscription. 

    What’s your cancellation policy?

    You can cancel your Box-to-Box subscription and limited duration subscriptions at any time prior to the 12th of the month. This will cancel the order that would have been shipped to you the following month. To cancel your subscription, email customer support at: support@jojolearning.com

    If you cancel before the 1st of the next shipment month, you will not be billed, nor will you receive another box. If cancellation occurs on or after the 1st day of the shipment month, the cancellation will apply to the next box. 

    Your prorated One Year (6-boxes) subscription for the rest of the unshipped boxes will be refunded to you.  

    Once shipped, JoJo boxes are non-refundable and non-returnable. 

    Can I gift a subscription?

    Yes! You can gift a 3-box, 6-box, or 12-box subscription. Just click the box "Pre-pay for subscription" and click "This is a gift." Gift subscriptions are a one-time purchase and paid in full at the time of purchase. Gift subscriptions do not auto-renew. During checkout, you’ll enter the recipient’s name and shipping address. If you would like a personal note to the recipient included in their first box and/or an email notification about the gift to be delivered to the child or their parent, please write to support@jojolearning.com with the following information:

    • Recipient's name
    • Your name
    • Order confirmation number
    • Content of your message
    • Email address where you would like gift notification to be delivered (optional)

    Do you have a question we did not answer?

    Email us at support@jojolearning.com and we will help in any way we can!