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3 Mid-Autumn Festival Videos for Children

3 Mid-Autumn Festival Videos for Children

中秋节!这三个视频一定要看!Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner! Share a variety of Chinese cultural tales and traditions with your kids in an easily accessible format with these three video recommendations from JoJo Learning. Including short stories, songs, and movies, these videos are a fantastic resource to share with your young learners!

1. 《中秋节的由来和习俗》The Story and Custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Languages: Mandarin with Simplified Subtitles

Video Length: 2 mins.

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

This short, informative video explains the traditional folktale of 嫦娥 and 后羿 and how it influences modern mid-autumn festival customs. Complete with simplified Chinese subtitles, this is a very helpful introduction for young learners!


2. 《兔小贝儿歌: 中秋节》 Mid-Autumn Festival Song by Becky Bunny

Languages: Mandarin with Simplified Subtitles

Video Length: 3 mins.

Skill Level: Beginner

Perfect for beginners, this simple song shows how a typical family celebrates the mid-autumn festival together. The characters sing about typical mid-autumn festival traditions such as watching the moon, eating moon cakes, and having fun together in this cute animation.


3. Over the Moon Netflix Original Movie 飞奔去月球

Languages: Mandarin, English, Cantonese

Video Length: 1 hr. 40 mins.

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Rating: PG – Some thematic elements and mild action

“Over the Moon” 飞奔去月球 is a brilliant feature length animated film that gives a modern take on the classic folktales associated with the mid-autumn festival. This movie will help students practice essential listening skills with practical Chinese dialogue and a plot full of cultural motifs related to the mid-autumn festival. Including subtitles and dubs available in numerous languages and dialects, this is the perfect choice for any aspiring Chinese learner.

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