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Chinese Mid-Autumn Activities Children Will Love

Chinese Mid-Autumn Activities Children Will Love

中秋节,带孩子做这些手工吧!The Mid-Autumn festival is quickly approaching, and we hope you all are as excited as we are to celebrate this amazing time of year with friends and family! Prepare your little learners for the holiday with these three fun activities related to the Mid-Autumn Festival that reinforce important Chinese vocabulary surrounding the culture and customs.

1. Mooncake Maze Activity


This activity features two mooncake mazes--one easy and one more challenging. The images depict rabbits, lanterns, and mooncakes which are all culturally-significant for the mid-autumn festival celebrated in China and throughout other Asian countries. Available in two different styles, this is a great choice for any child looking for a simple activity to get ready for the mid-autumn celebration!


Download for free here.


2. Xiao Li's Trip to Grandma's

Xiao Li's Journey Home

Inspired by the book 小莉的中秋节 Xiao Li's Mid-Autumn Festival, this activity features young Korean girl Xiao Li and her family. They are trying to find a safe way to grandma, who lives in the family's rural ancestral home, in order to celebrate the Korean Mid-Autumn festival, Chuseok


Young learners must help XiaoLi find her way safely by tracing only the correct Simplified Chinese Characters to write the phrase “我们回来了”. "We are coming/returning"


In order to see if children traced the correct characters, and avoided the obstacles and Korean wildlife, they just need to place the image page on top of the character page and hold it to the light.  


Download for free here.


3. Moon Phase Slider Activity



This sliding moon phase activity not only teaches the names of all the different moon phases in both English and Chinese, but also includes some super fun celestial trivia in both languages! We highly recommend this craft for any student that prefers a hands-on approach to educational activities.


Download for free here.


What do you think?

Have you used any of these worksheets at home or in your classroom? What did you think?

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Happy learning!


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