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Chinese Songs for Babies Music Book-Tell us how to make it better!

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Sign up to try out our Chinese Songs for Babies music books in 2024 

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Chinese Songs for Babies series! Our testing slots for the first two books are now full, but we invite you to sign up for to participate in our 2024 book testing program.

By the time babies reach their 1st birthday, their brains have already grown to about 70% of their adult size. In this precious 1st year, a baby’s brain forms new neural connections at an astonishing rate.

You understand this critical period when your baby's brain is particularly receptive to languages. You aim to raise your baby to be bilingual from day one but might be struggling with where to start. You are not alone!

If you have a baby aged 0-12 months, we invite you to join us in testing the prototype of our new 'Chinese Songs for Babies' music books, designed based on extensive early development research. 

For parents with zero Chinese backgroud, these books offer a shared learning exprience with your baby. For native Chinese speaker, they provide vocabulary and activities to enhance daily interaction. 

Watch the following video for beta testing details and click here to sign up and receive our music books for testing. 


Your participation is invaluable in helping us create a baby language learning solution you'll love.
Happy Learning,  
Christine (Cofounder) and the JoJo Team 
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