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16 Great Christmas Books in Mandarin Chinese

16 Great Christmas Books in Mandarin Chinese

It's almost Christmas! During this holiday season, why not make reading Chinese books part of your child or students' holiday experience?

This month we have selected titles from several noteworthy children’s series that keep the holiday fun rolling! Get into the Christmas spirit and check out these top picks that are sure to enhance any Chinese learner’s collection.

We have selected 9 great picture books about Christmas in simplified Chinese for kids learning Chinese. We hope these Chinese books become unique and wonderful additions to your home or classroom’s Christmas book collection.

Let David, Madeline, Pete the Cat and other friends help brighten your child's Christmas holidays!  

1. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas! 皮特猫,我拯救了圣诞节!(pí tè māo , wǒ zhěng jiù liǎo shèng dàn jié)

Author: James Dean and Eric Litwin  

Country of Origin: USA 

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我拯救了圣诞节Pete the Cat: Pete Saves Christmas

皮特猫我拯救了圣诞节 pete the cat saves christmas Chinese children's book

皮特猫我拯救了圣诞节 pete the cat saves christmas Chinese children's book

Included in the Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes 6-Book Set

Beloved children’s story icon Pete the Cat returns in this festive installment with a determination to save Christmas when Santa calls out sick. This story utilizes repetition and short, familiar phrases in a brilliant way so that readers of any skill level will be able to understand the events of the story. Of course, Pete’s groovy, laid-back attitude is what really makes this choice so unique and fun!

Available for purchase here.

In this spin on the traditional The Night Before Christmas tale, Santa is sick and calls on Pete the Cat to help fulfill his Christmas duties.  Pete, the famous and unflappable blue cat, never loses his cool and is completely up to the task! He delivers all the gifts in his festively decorated mini bus. 

This light-hearted book is perfect for children who are beginning to read in Chinese. As Pete sings and rocks in his mini bus delivering gifts, children are delighted with the rhythming, repetitive language that builds reading confidence.  

Unlike many other world classics that lose their essence when translated into Chinese, this Pete the Cat, co-translated by the renowned children's book author and translator 彭懿 (péng yì), is rich with lively Chinese language especially suitable for young children.  

圣诞节前夜,圣诞老人却得了重感冒! 圣诞节会被取消吗?“不会!” 圣诞老人大声喊“我们来给皮特猫打电话!”这只总是酷酷的皮特猫,坐上自己的迷你巴士,在驯鹿的帮助下飞向了天空!尽管皮特很小,但是要在圣诞节送礼物,他会全力以赴!


Watch Luka® read this book!

2. Spot's First Christmas 小玻的第一个圣诞节 (xiǎo bō de dì yī gè shèng dàn jié)

小玻的第一个圣诞节 Spot's First Christmas

Included in the Where's Spot? Interactive Flip And Find 18-Book Set In Chinese & English (Bilingual) collection

Spot and his mom are preparing for Christmas Day by taking the tree home and decorating it, wrapping presents and enjoying the Christmas carolers at their door. With a new, full-color cover, young toddlers will enjoy this classic Spot board book with its sturdy, rounded-edge pages and lift-the-flaps.  This book features relevant holiday language in simple-to-follow sentences sure to make any child smile!

Available for purchase here.

3. The Christmas Gift 阿波林的小世界-圣诞礼物 (ā bō lín de xiǎo shì jiè - shèng dàn lǐ wù)阿波林的小世界-圣诞礼物 The Christmas Gift.png

Apolline's Little World 14 阿波林的小世界children's book 9787535038494 Christmas Gift Christmas

Included in the Apolline's Little World -14 Chinese Children's Books collection

This adorable little book, 阿波林的小世界 (A Bo Lin de xiǎo shì jiè), Little World of Apolline or A Bo Lin's Small World, is a translation of the French children's classic, Les petites vies d'Apolline. This entry features little Apolline's journey through Christmas time! With expressive illustrations and one line of text per page, this series is the perfect introduction for babies and very young children to key vocabulary for Christmas. 

Available for purchase here.

4. How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas? 恐龙怎样过圣诞节 (kǒng lóng zěn yàng guò shèng dàn jié)

阿波林的小世界-圣诞礼物 The Christmas Gift

Dinosaurs 家有恐龙习惯养成图画书 恐龙怎样过圣诞节 9787544845878 Chinese children Book Jane Yolen Mark Teague

Included in the How Do Dinosaurs...?-11 Books In Chinese collection.

From decorating the tree to wrapping presents, little dinosaurs love to celebrate Christmas-and everything about it. But when the stockings are hung on the chimney, and the cookies are left out for Santa, how can little dinosaurs go to sleep? It's so exciting! How can they possibly calm down and behave? Children will laugh out loud as dinosaurs secretly lick candy canes, take sneaky peeks at gifts, and disrupt the traditional family feast. With holiday surprises around every corner, the award-winning team of Jane Yolen and Mark Teague create an engaging, fun gift sure to be read again and again. How do dinosaurs say Merry Christmas? The same way they say Happy Chanukah: With an abundance of love, joy, memory, and gratitude.  These books feature every day Chinese language sure to have children using Chinese around the holidays!

Available for purchase here.

5. Martine's Christmas Eve 玛蒂娜的圣诞夜 (mǎ dì nà de shèng dàn yè)玛蒂娜的圣诞夜 Martine's Christmas Eve

Included in the Martine Classic Collection -60 Chinese Children's Books collection.

This series of classic stories 玛蒂娜故事书 (mǎ dì nà gù shì shū) by Belgian duo Gilbert Delhaye and Marcel Marlier has been translated into 33 languages and sold in 50 countries--100 million copies have been sold worldwide!  This entry explores Martine's journey through Christmas Eve and the importance of the holiday season.  This series is great because it will introduce a ton of new vocabulary which is fun and relevant to a child. The reader can vicariously spend a day in Martine's shoes as she grows into a mature woman.

Available for purchase here.

6. Merry Christmas- Three Mischief Makers 圣诞快乐 (shèng dàn kuài lè)Merry Christmas 圣诞快乐-三个淘气包3Merry Christmas 圣诞快乐-三个淘气包3

Included in the Three Mischief Makers 20-Book Set collection.

This adorable series 三个淘气包 (sān gè táo qì bāo)Three Mischief Makers, masterfully translated from the original in Japanese, follows the mysterious and action-packed adventures of three children: 小贤,小浩和久美。 Whenever the three mischief makers are together at a place as ordinary as a playground, a park or a swimming pool, something very unusual happens, and the kids end up on an extraordinary adventure...this time helping Santa around Christmas!  This book's illustrations will capture a child's attention and help build their Chinese speaking skills, all while exposing them to Japanese culture!
Available for purchase here.

7. Lyle at Christmas 莱莱的圣诞节 (lái lái de shèng dàn jié )莱莱的圣诞节 Lyle at Christmas

Included in the Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile-8 Chinese Book Collection
The beloved Lyle, the Crocodile series 开心果莱莱(kāi xīn guǒ lái lái) is now available in Chinese! Children from around the world are attracted to the huggable crocodile's charm, courage and big friendly smile. The stories follow the life of Lyle, a city-dwelling crocodile who lives in a Victorian home with the Primms on East 88th Street in New York City. Lyle loves helping the Primm family with everyday chores.  Now at Christmas time, watch as Lyle learns important lessons about Christmas with the Primm family.  This hilarious book is sure to keep children reading and learning Chinese!
Available for purchase here.

8. Paw Patrol- Pups Save Christmas 汪汪队-圣诞夜大救援》(wāng wāng duì - shèng dàn yè dà jiù yuán)

汪汪队-圣诞夜大救援 Paw Patrol- Pups Save Christmas

Included in the Paw Patrol 8-Book Set

An amazing choice for any Paw Patrol fan, this book is based on the TV show’s similarly titled Christmas special. This book is a great resource for any young learners looking for an engaging and educational experience featuring familiar faces from their favorite media. 

Available for purchase here.

9. Madeline's Christmas 玛德琳的魔法圣诞夜 (mǎ dé lín de mó fǎ shèng dàn yè) 

《玛德琳过圣诞》Madeline’s Christmas

Author: Ludwig Bemelmans 

Country of Origin: USA 

Digital book: Ellabook App

玛德琳的魔法圣诞夜 Madeline's Christmas Best Christmas Chinese Interactive Ebook Ellabook App 


Madeline’s Christmas is a beautifully told story full of endearing characters with a message sure to warm every reader’s heart this holiday season. With language simple enough for young readers to understand yet cohesive enough to convey its core messages of empathy and compassion, this pick is a must-have for Chinese learners of all ages.

Available for purchase here.

In an old house in Paris 
that was covered with vines 
lived twelve little girls 
in two straight lines 
the smallest one was Madeline. 

Miss Clavel, eleven girls, and even the mouse are sick in bed on Christmas Eve. As the only healthy one, Madeline is caring for them all when she suddenly hears a knock at the door. Is it Santa Claus?

No! It is a mysterious rug salesman who happens to have just 12 rugs to sell.  Madeline thinks that the rugs will provide comfort to her ailing friends (as they will keep the girls’ feet warm), so she buys them all. However, without the rugs to keep him warm, the salesman nearly freezes to death. Madeline nurses him to health too and discovers that he is also a magician. To show his appreciation for Madeline’s help,  he not only magically does the dishes, but sends each girl home on their own flying carpet so they can spend Christmas with their families before magically returning home at Miss Clavel’s bell.  


Watch Luka® read this book!

10. It's Christmas, David! 大卫,圣诞节到啦!(dà wèi , shèng dàn jié dào la)

Author: David Shannon 

Country of Origin: USA 

Digital book: Ellabook App


Description: Do you remember the bestselling star David in No, David? He is back for Christmas! He tries to peek at hidden gift packages, he writes scrolls of wish lists to Santa, and he struggles to behave at Christmas dinner parties. He receives a letter from Santa and he feels sad after reading it. What is in the letter? Will David get any Christmas gifts? Children will laugh out loud as David turns Christmas traditions up side down!  


11. The Secrets of Winter 冬天的秘密 (dōng tiān de mì mì)

Author: Enying Kim 

Country of Origin: China 

Digital book: Ellabook App

冬天的秘密 The Secrets of Winter Best Christmas Chinese Interactive Ebook Ellabook App

Description: A rare contemporary Chinese original picture book about winter! We love the story's beautiful illustrations and simple, repetitive language. 

My friends, how will you know winter is here? How will you know winter is over? Do you know the secrets of winter? Ask the animals in the book! They will tell you the secrets. The language in this book is good for beginning readers. Young children will enjoy reading this tale while learning about different animals and the changing of seasons. There is also a jigsaw game in the interactive Ellabook App version.  


12. D.W.’s Perfect Present 最好的礼物 (zuì hǎo de lǐ wù)

Author: Marc Brown 

Country of Origin: USA 

Digital book: Ellabook App

最好的礼物 D.W.'s Perfect Present Best Christmas Chinese Interactive Ebook Ellabook App 

Description: It's almost Christmas and D.W. is wondering what presents she will receive. She searches around the house and she finds her mom, dad and brother, Arthur, are preparing presents for others. When D.W. remembers that Christmas is a time for sharing, she starts searching for presents she can give rather than receive. With a little time and creativity, D.W. makes presents for each member of her family and finds that giving is the best present she can receive! Each page has about 4 lines of everyday, commonly used language. Children love the vivid illustrations and tender story in this book and the rest of the D. W. series.  


13. Tom’s Christmas 汤姆的圣诞节 (tāng mǔ de shèng dàn jié  

Author: Colette Hellings and Marie-Aline Bawin 

Country of Origin: France 

Digital book: Ellabook App

汤姆的圣诞节 Tom's Christmas Best Christmas Chinese Interactive Ebook Ellabook App

Description: What is Christmas? What does it mean to children? Maybe it means delicious food, beautifully decorated houses or surprising presents. What about little Tom? When the big day arrives, the whole family gathers at grandparents’ house and prepares the Christmas celebration with great excitement. Tom meets his favorite cousin and shares his worries. He is worried because a big fire has been lit in the fireplace. How will Santa be able to come down the chimney with his presents? Will Tom and his family receive the presents? We believe this warm and adorable tale will delight your child as Tom’s emotions and concerns mimic some thoughts of their own.  

圣诞节是什么?圣诞节对孩子们来说可能意味着可口的食物、漂亮的屋子和惊喜的礼物。在圣诞节来临的前一天,小兔子汤姆和她的家人聚在一起,他们装饰圣诞树、一起吃晚餐庆祝,屋子里充满了浓浓的节日气氛。 汤姆焦急地等来了巴西勒堂哥,跟他分享自己的忧虑——汤姆当心壁炉里的火太旺了,会烧到圣诞老人,这样大家就拿不到圣诞老人的礼物了。汤姆会怎么做呢?圣诞老人从烟囱顺利进来了吗?这个暖洋洋的故事一定会让小朋友们喜欢。  

14. Babar And Father Christmas 巴巴和圣诞老人 (bā bā hé shèng dàn lǎo rén)

Author: Jean De Brunhoff 

Country of Origin: France

Digital book: Ellabook App

巴巴和圣诞老人 Babar and Father Christmas Best Christmas Chinese Interactive Ebook Ellabook App 

Description: Jean de Brunhoff’s tales of Babar have charmed readers around the world for almost 90 years. We love his masterful stories that attract kids’ attention with unexpected spins and vivid details about the secret lives of some sophisticated elephants. In this book, children of Babar the elephant, have heard of a fellow in Man's country named Father Christmas who brings joy and toys to little children. "If only we could bring him here," they wish. So, they write a letter to invite Father Christmas to visit them. But they never get a reply. Their father, Barbar, rushes out to look for Father Christmas. In Barbar's unexpected journey, he goes through fun and unexpected adventures. Can Babar find Father Christmas? Can he find a way to bring him to Elephant country? 


15. The Snowboy 雪孩子 (xuě hái zi)

Author: Shanghai Animation Film Studio 

Country of Origin: China 

Digital book: Ellabook App

雪孩子The Snowboy Best Christmas Chinese Interactive Ebook Ellabook App 

Description:  This is a heart-warming story adapted from a 1980 classic Chinese original animation. For the past 40 years, it has stayed on top of Chinese children's winter reading lists. 

Heavy snow has been falling for a whole day and night. Mother Rabbit is going out for food. She builds a snowboy to play with Little Rabbit. When mom leaves, the Snowboy comes to life. They sing, dance and hop around, having a lot of fun. When Little Rabbit is taking a nap, the house is on fire! The brave Snowboy saves Little Rabbit from the big fire but he is evaporated. Where does Snow Boy go? He flies to the sky and becomes a white cloud—a very beautiful white cloud, as beautiful as his heart! 


16. Christmas Tree 圣诞树 (shèng dàn shù)

christmas tree chinese children's book

Christmas tree chinese childrens book

christmas tree chinese children's book

This final book is a Chinese reader and is the third of the holiday series co-authored by Pearl You (Founder of You Consulting) and Qin Hua (JoJo Educator in Residence), two experienced Chinese immersion educators. Short and sweet, it is a suitable book for reading aloud in the classroom and teaching Christmas–related language to beginner Chinese learners. There are two levels of the book in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Click the following links to read or listen to these ebooks for free. 

这本原创的幼儿圣诞节故事是由双语教育专家You Consulting 创始人Pearl You (珍珠姐姐)、IB-PYP老师华沁(JoJo Educator in Residence)共同创作,插画师廖思敏绘图。故事背景是一家人在圣诞假期里的庆祝活动。绘本语言简单、人物生动、故事温馨、绘图色彩明亮。这次的中文版故事有简体和繁体两种字体。绘本故事难易程度分为简易本Level 1(Beginner Level) 和非简易本Level 2(Bridge Level)两个等级,方便语言程度不同的孩子阅读。

At JoJo, we believe that cultivating early literacy is the key to helping a child retain a second language for life. We hope your children and students enjoy these wonderful books about Christmas! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  


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