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3 Great Chinese Children's Books to Read for Thanksgiving

3 Great Chinese Children's Books to Read for Thanksgiving

 For teachers and families looking for Chinese Children's picture books to read this Thanksgiving, check out JoJo's top picks. Of the following 3 books, 2 of them are ebooks so you can get instant access!   

  1. 感恩节 (gǎn ēn jié) Thanksgiving

This Chinese reader is the second of the holiday series co-authored by Pearl You (Founder of You Consulting) and Qin Hua (JoJo Educator in Residence), two experienced Chinese immersion educators. It is a wonderful book for reading aloud and teaching Thanksgiving–related language to Chinese learners. There are two levels of the book in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Click the following links to read these ebooks for free. 

Thanksgiving Chinese children's book 感恩节 (1)
Thanksgiving Chinese children's book 感恩节
Thanksgiving Chinese book for children
  1. 石头汤 (shí tóu tāng), Stone Soup, an animated Chinese ebook 

If you are trying to teach children be thankful, you'll love this animated version of the classic folktale, Stone Soup by award-winning author Jon Muth.

Three monks come to a village, carrying an empty cooking pot. Upon their arrival, the villagers are unwilling to share any food with them. The monks drop a stone in the pot and start to cook "stone soup". The villagers feel strange at first, but eventually do not mind parting with some ingredients to help the monks out. In the end, a delicious and nourishing pot of soup is enjoyed by all. Children love this book's clever animations and enjoy “cooking” stone soup with the characters. It is a good story to teach children to be accepting, caring, loving, generous, and thankful.

Stone Soup 石头汤 Chinese children's books

Stone soup 石头汤 Chinese children's book

This book and 1000+ other beautiful interactive ebooks are available in the Ellabook App.

3. 神奇校车,第一次感恩节 (shén qí xiào chē , dì yī cì gǎn ēn jiéThe Magic School Bus at the First Thanksgiving  

Check out this printed Magic School Bus book: Ms. Frizzle's class is making a meal just like what the pilgrims had at the first Thanksgiving. That means no pumpkin pie. Can it be true? The class is determined to find out. Hop on the Magic School Bus and meet the native Americans and pilgrims who started our American tradition. This is one of the 20-book set in the Magic School Bus Leveled Reader Series, all books are in Simplified Chinese and readable by Luka, the book reading robot! 

Magic school bus at the first Thansk giving  Chinese  (1)

Magic school bus at the first Thanskgiving  Chinese

Magic school bus at the first Thanksgiving  Chinese  (1)

At JoJo, we believe that cultivating early literacy is the key to helping a child retain a second language for life. We hope your children and students enjoy these wonderful books about being thankful! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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