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Best Chinese Christmas Videos for Children

Top 3 Chinese Language Christmas Videos for Kids

It’s almost time for winter break! We want to encourage students to keep their language skills sharp even when school is out, so prepare your children for the holiday season with this jolly selection of educational songs and videos for them to watch and practice any time.

1. 《圣诞节儿歌合集》Christmas Children’s Song Collection


Language: Mandarin with Subtitles and Pinyin

Video Length: 7 mins.

Skill Level: Beginner

Sing along to your favorite classic Christmas tunes- now featuring catchy Chinese lyrics! These short and simple songs are a great tool for students to learn new vocabulary about the holiday season in a familiar and easily accessible format.


2.《圣诞节-爱与祝福》Christmas- Love and Blessings



Language: Mandarin with Simplified Subtitles

Video Length: 5 mins.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prepare for the holiday with this informative video detailing how a typical family prepares for and celebrates Christmas together! With detailed Chinese narration complete with a review of important vocabulary words at the end, this is a great tool for Chinese learners looking to expand their horizons this holiday season.


3. 《圣诞节手指家庭》Christmas Finger Puppet Family Song



Language: Mandarin with Subtitles

Video Length: 2.5 mins.

Skill Level: Beginner

This original song is amazing for teaching young learners new vocabulary surrounding Christmas. Essential location phrases like 在哪里 and 在这儿 are reinforced and notable Christmas figures such as 圣诞老人、圣诞树驯鹿、and 圣诞天使 are introduced through this cute and catchy tune that kids will certainly enjoy.


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