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Princess Smartypants-Chinese

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Princess Smartypants 顽皮公主不出嫁 Chinese Children Book 9787513314329 Babette ColeLuka Chinese book reading robotPrincess Smartypants 顽皮公主不出嫁 Chinese Children Book 9787513314329 Babette ColePrincess Smartypants 顽皮公主不出嫁 Chinese Children Book 9787513314329 Babette ColePrincess Smartypants 顽皮公主不出嫁 Chinese Children Book 9787513314329 Babette ColePrincess Smartypants 顽皮公主不出嫁 Chinese Children Book 9787513314329 Babette Cole

By: Babette Cole,漪然(Translator)
Originally Published in:
United Kingdom
Format: Hardcover
Simplified Chinese
Pages per book:
Lines per page: 
Audio book:
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Princess Smartypants 顽皮公主不出嫁 (wán pí gōng zhǔ bú chū jià)is a high-spirited tale full of humor & unexpected turns, a story that does not fit the Disney princess mold.

Let your child cheer for the independent, resourceful heroine! Princess Smartypants did not want to get married; she wanted to live with her pets in her castle and do exactly as she was pleased. Commanded by her parents to find herself a husband, the Princess set tasks for her crowd of suitors: Stop the giant slugs from eating her garden; cross-country ride on her motorbike; take her mother the Queen shopping…None of the princes could accomplish the task. They all left. Then Prince Swashbuckle turned up. . . . He accomplished all the impossible tasks! So princess smartypants gave him a magic kiss, and he turned into a gigantic toad! The toad left in a hurry! Now, none of the other princes wanted to marry Smartypants…So she lived happily ever after!

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The limited text per page and the prevalence of common language from daily life make it a good "bridge book" for readers. The involved plot and detailed illustrations will capture the interest of experienced readers, ages 7+. 

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