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Mo's Mischief (Ma Xiaotiao) Graphic Novels -10 Chinese Books Set 2

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Ma Xiaotiao  淘气包马小跳 2 9787539768878 Chinese graphic novelMa Xiaotiao  淘气包马小跳 2 9787539768878 Chinese Graphic NovelMa Xiaotiao  淘气包马小跳 2 9787539768878Chinese Graphic NovelMa Xiaotiao  淘气包马小跳 2 9787539768878 Chinese Graphic NovelMa Xiaotiao  淘气包马小跳 2 9787539768878Chinese Graphic NovelMa Xiaotiao  淘气包马小跳 2 9787539768878 Chinese graphic novel

By: 杨红樱  
Originally Published In: China 
Format: Paperback
Language: Simplified Chinese
Pages per book: 212
Lines per page: 1-9 conversation bubbles

Bright colors, exciting illustrations, short chapters, funny pranks, good friends, and memorable adventures make this series hard for young readers to put down! 

淘气包马小跳 (Táo Qì Bāo Mǎ Xiǎo Tiào) Ma Xiaotiao, also known as Mo's Mischief in English, is a series of children's books written by the award winning Chinese author Yang Hongying, first published in 2003. The books revolve around the protagonist 马小跳 (Mǎ Xiǎo Tiào), a student in a normal elementary school in China. The plots mainly feature special events or stories about him and his friends, be it at home, in school, or anywhere else.

Along with 米小圈上学记 (Mi Xiao Quan School Experience), all primary school age children that we interviewed in China last summer, boys or girls, recommended these Ma Xiaotiao  graphic Novels as some of their favorite books.  The Ma Xiaotiao graphic novel series have sold 30 million copies in China. This is not only a must-have bridge book series to introduce your child to more advanced chapter book reading, but also a great peek into modern Chinese culture, as well as a perfect introduction to the everyday language that Chinese elementary school kids are using today. 

Ma is typically considered the troublemaker in class. He is playful, he will only do what he likes, and is unwilling to study--which often gets him into trouble with his teacher and the class monitor. However, Ma is generally a very sociable person; he is honest, trustworthy, helpful and has a vivid imagination. In short, he is a charismatic character that any young reader will instantly love!

Book Titles:淘气包马小跳 (Táo qì bāo mǎ xiǎo tiào)

《淘气包马小跳: 小大人丁文涛》(Xiǎo dà rén ding wén tāo) Ma Xiaotiao: Class Genius
《淘气包马小跳: 疯丫头杜真子》(Fēng yā tou dù zhēn zi) Ma Xiaotiao: Daisy the Crazy Girl
《淘气包马小跳: 寻找大熊猫》(Xún zhǎo dà xióng māo) Ma Xiaotiao: Searching for the Giant Panda
《淘气包马小跳: 巨人的城堡》(Jù rén de chéng bǎo) Ma Xiaotiao: The Giant's Castle
《淘气包马小跳: 超级市长》(Chāo jí shì zhǎng) Ma Xiaotiao: The Super Mayor
《淘气包马小跳: 跳跳电视台》(Tiào tiào diàn shì tái) Ma Xiaotiao: Tiao Tiao TV Station
《淘气包马小跳: 开甲壳虫车的女校长》(Kāi jiǎ ké chóng chē de nǚ xiào zhǎng) Ma Xiaotiao: Madam Principal Who Drives A Beetle
《淘气包马小跳: 名叫牛皮的插班生》(Míng jiào niú pí de chā bān shēng) Ma Xiaotiao: The New Student Niu Pi
《淘气包马小跳: 侦探小组在行动》(Zhēn tàn xiǎo zǔ zài háng dòng) Ma Xiaotiao: The Detectives' Action
《淘气包马小跳: 小英雄和芭蕾公主》(Xiǎo yīng xióng hé bā lěi gong zhǔ) Ma Xiaotiao: The Hero and the Ballet Princess

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"Read to me":
Ages 7+ will enjoy having these books read to them either by Luka® or a caregiver.

"Read by myself":
The limited text per page and the prevalence of common language make it a good "bridge book" for readers. The involved plot and detailed illustrations will capture the interest of experienced readers ages 8+. 

Happy learning!  

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