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Little Brother Mouse Series Chinese Books 1-12 (12-Book Set)
Little Brother Mouse Series Chinese Books 1-12 (12-Book Set)
Little Brother Mouse Series Chinese Books 1-12 (12-Book Set)
Little Brother Mouse Series Chinese Books 1-12 (12-Book Set)
Little Brother Mouse Series Chinese Books 1-12 (12-Book Set)

Little Brother Mouse Series Chinese Books 1-12 (12-Book Set)

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By: Yoshio Nakae (Author), Noriko Ueno (Illustrator), 童立方 (translator)  
Originally published in: Japan 
Format: Paperback
Language: Simplified Chinese
Pages per book: 32
Lines per page: 1-4 short lines
Price per book: $5.71


Little Brother Mouse learns about sharing, having fun and solving problems with his adorable animal friends. These darling stories make children giggle and come back for more reading!

The mostly black and white pencil sketch illustrations are simple yet vivid and expressive. The relatively large blank space on the pages helps to focus children's attention on the text and the main characters. The Chinese translation is very well done!

The amount of text on each page varies between 1 word and 4 short lines. Phrases and sentence structures are simple and repetitive, providing young children an effective, rewarding learning-to-read experience. 

If your child is ready to recognize sight words, point your finger at each character as you read the stories. You may be surprised by how quickly your child will recognize some of those seemingly complicated Chinese characters! Your child may recognize an entire book and get to experience her first proud "I can read a book" moment with this Little Brother Mouse Series 可爱的鼠小弟!        

For 40 years, this original Japanese classic series has been loved by generations of children. The Little Brother Mouse is highly recommended by educators and parents of Chinese learning children. Want to read about how other moms use this series to teach their children to read? Check Betty Choi's book review here; and JoJo co-founder Christine Yang's reading tips here

The books:

可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟的小背心》Little Brother Mouse's Vest
可爱的鼠小弟:想吃苹果的鼠小弟》Little Brother Mouse Craves Apples
可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟的又一件背心》Little Brother Mouse's other Vest
可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟和鼠小妹》Little Brother Mouse and Little Sister Mouse
可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟,鼠小弟》Little Brother Mouse, Little Brother Mouse
可爱的鼠小弟:又来了!鼠小弟的小背心》Little Brother Mouse's Vest Strikes Again
可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟的生日》Little Brother Mouse's Birthday
可爱的鼠小弟:打破杯子的鼠小弟》Little Mouse Brother Broke the Mug
可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟和大象哥哥》Little Brother Mouse and Big Brother Elephant 
可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟荡秋千》Little Brother Mouse On the Swing
可爱的鼠小弟:鼠小弟和音乐会》Little Brother Mouse and the Concert
可爱的鼠小弟:换换吧!鼠小弟的小背心》Little Brother Mouse Trades His Vest


Is my child ready for this set?

"Read to me": Babies and toddlers who are just learning to speak Chinese will enjoy having these books read to them by an older sibling or an adult.

"Read by myself": Children ages 3+ who are learning to read Chinese characters could use this as a first leveled reader set. Read with an adult to recognize their very first Chinese characters. 

Good to know: 

Luka, the picture book reading robot does NOT read this Little Brother Mouse 12-Book Set yet. We are working hard to try to include this set into Luka's library. Stay tuned! Looking for books that Luka reads, please check our "Luka Approved" collection.

Good to know: 

Although this book set is truly wonderful, we do have one reservation. On one page from the 《鼠小弟和鼠小妹》Little Brother Mouse and Little Sister Mouse book, in Little Mouse Brother's imagined future, he was smoking! He was also reading the newspaper instead of helping Little Mouse Sister (the imagined wife) feed the imagined babies! Parents or educators may choose to censor this page or turn it into a teachable moment.     

Happy learning! 

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