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Frog and Toad 4-Book Set
Frog and Toad 4-Book Set
Frog and Toad 4-Book Set
Frog and Toad 4-Book Set
Frog and Toad 4-Book Set
Frog and Toad 4-Book Set
Frog and Toad 4-Book Set
Frog and Toad 4-Book Set

Frog and Toad 4-Book Set

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By: Arnold Lobel; translated by 潘人木,党英台 
Originally Published In: US
Format: paperback
Language: Simplified Chinese
Pages per book: 64
Lines per page: 2-12
Price per book: $7.38
Audio book: read by Luka

If you have read the English version of the Frog and Toad stories before, you know the magic of this timeless classic: the short tales with simple, easy-to-follow plots engage both advanced and emerging readers, providing a perfect "bridge book" before introducing children to chapter books.

The Chinese version of Frog and Toad, with its masterful translation, strikes a chord with budding Chinese readers as well. Each book has 5 stories about Frog and Toad. The two gentle friends teach children to treasure friends and value selfless actions. As the short, action packed sentences flow, young readers readily relate to the characters and are eager to read more.

This series is highly recommended by educators and parents. Read this in-depth Frog and Toad book review by Betty Choi here.  

Book titles:

《青蛙和蟾蜍──好朋友》Frog and Toad Are Friends
《青蛙和蟾蜍──好伙伴》Frog and Toad Together
《青蛙和蟾蜍──快乐时光》Days with Frog and Toad
《青蛙和蟾蜍──快乐年年》Frog and Toad All Year 


Is my child ready for this set?

"Read to me": Children ages 4+ will enjoy having these books read to them either by Luka or a caregiver.

"Read by myself": A perfect early chapter book that bridges young readers 5+ to future chapter books. 

Option to pair with Luka

Consider adding Luka, the reading robot, to your order. Luka reads all 4 books included in this set. 

Set Luka in front of a book, and it will read aloud any page your child turns to-- creating a unique, independent physical book reading experience even if your child isn't ready to read by herself. Looking for a toy that is both cool and educational? Consider Luka!   

In total, Luka reads 30,000 Chinese children's picture books and 6,000 English Children's books. Click to read our founders' personal review of Luka here.   

Happy learning! 


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