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Our Favorite Halloween Book Picks for Young Chinese Learners

Our Favorite Halloween Book Picks for Young Chinese Learners

This Halloween, we have hand selected several leveled books that will serve to excite young students about the upcoming holiday while providing a solid foundation for practical Chinese language skills. The whimsical magic of the Halloween spirit found in these picks is sure to keep children engaged and wanting more, so be sure to add them to your seasonal collection!


Co-written by experienced Chinese immersion educators Pearl You and Qin Hua, Halloween is a bright and colorful tale that describes key vocabulary associated with Halloween. The use of simplistic language and a fun art style make this pick extremely accessible for early Chinese learners.

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《安吉莉娜的万圣节》Angelina's Halloween 


Included in the Angelina Ballerina 12 Book Set

Fan-favorite character Angelina Ballerina returns to celebrate Halloween in this heartwarming and beautifully illustrated entry. With natural, conversational Chinese designed to be accessible to 3-year-olds, Angelina’s Halloween delivers a charming story for all ages.

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《万圣节服装秀》Halloween Costumes Show


Included in the Disney Learning Level 3 Set

Follow along with Princess Sophia and friends as they participate in an exciting royal costume show! This pick from the Disney Learning series is perfect for young readers to improve their Chinese vocabulary while enjoying a fun-filled story featuring their favorite characters!

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