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Fun Chinese New Year Activities to Do at Home or in the Classroom

Fun Chinese New Year Activities to Do at Home or in the Classroom

This month, we've got a great collection of activities prepared for you and your students. To spark excitement for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration, these printable activities are perfect for both the classroom setting or for students to work on at home. Here at JoJo, we look forward to providing your classes with top-notch educational activities and making this year of the rabbit one to remember!

好忙的除夕 Very Busy New Year's Eve Printable

Chinese New Year printables

Practice character recognition and reading comprehension with this printable Chinese New Year worksheet! Children will read each auspicious phrase listed at the bottom of the page and relate each one to the main illustration, learning how to express their New Year’s wishes to friends and family. This worksheet corresponds with the plot and key phrases in the heartwarming New Year story, 《好忙的除夕》 The Very Busy Chinese New Year Eve

Download PDF here for FREE.

十二生肖 Chinese Zodiac Coloring Pages

Chinese Zodiac Coloring Pages

This coloring activity is perfect for any creative young learners to not only learn the twelve zodiac signs in Chinese, but also to show off their artistic abilities to friends and family! With fun designs that reference common new year’s traditions, kids will love decorating and personalizing their favorite zodiac animals. Read 《十二生肖的故事》 The Tale of the 12 Zodiac Animals to enchant your children with the stories behind the 12 zodiac animals while doing the coloring activity! 

Download PDF here for FREE.

小桔灯 Little Orange Lantern Craft

Looking for a cute and simple craft to do at home with the family? Check out this video and follow along with JoJo’s own Christine as she teaches you how to create a New Year’s lantern with just an orange and some common household objects! This craft is an amazing way to celebrate an age-old tradition right in your own backyard- Gather the family and try it yourself today!

 2023兔年简单新年手工 | Year of Rabbit Easy CNY DIY ideas

 Instructions to cut beautiful decorative paper with children on special holidays#2.

Both of these videos have so many fun and adorable crafts you can make with common household items!  The first video is centered around the 2023 zodiac, the rabbit, to make sure you're able to fill your home or classroom with amazing decorations this Chinese New Year.  The second features more traditional papercrafts (with the occasional rabbit!) that are perfect to hang around the home or classroom.


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