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感恩节 Chinese Children's Videos Recommendation Thanksgiving

Recommended Thanksgiving Videos for Young Chinese Learners

Explore the historical origins of Thanksgiving with these three educational videos for young Chinese learners! These picks are fantastic for introducing core vocabulary related to the holiday and showing students how to celebrate with their friends and families. Check them out below! 


1. 《美国感恩节的由来》 The Origin of Thanksgiving



Languages: Mandarin with Subtitles

Video Length: 5 mins.

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced  

This video explores the rich history of Thanksgiving and serves as an amazing tool for more experienced learners to expand their Chinese vocabulary. From important historical figures to essential dishes, this informative video explains how and why we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.


2.《感恩节-感谢每一天》Celebrating Thanksgiving with Family



Languages: Simplified Chinese with Subtitles

Video Length: 6 mins.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn how a typical family celebrates Thanksgiving together with this helpful video! Packed with graphics that make new vocabulary simple to understand, this video details how Thanksgiving is celebrated and even contains a fun poem for students to recite at the end!


3. 《感恩节歌曲》Thanksgiving Song by Groovi Pauli



Languages: Mandarin with Subtitles and Pinyin

Video Length: 1 min.

Skill Level: Beginner 

With easy-to-understand vocabulary and hilarious delivery, this fun song is the perfect way to introduce Thanksgiving to young Chinese learners! Follow along as Groovi Pauli and friends share their Thanksgiving traditions through song and dance.


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