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4 Back to School Books in Simplified Chinese

4 Back to School Books in Simplified Chinese

Kick off the year on a strong note by helping your students and kids get the hang of essential classroom lingo and phrases. We are throwing these Chinese book recommendations to help jazz up your kids' school vibes!

The start of the school year can be a bit of a rollercoaster for both teachers and parents. That’s why we recommend these books to help kids familiarize themselves with common classroom objects and phrases while also introducing key social skills such as being courteous and sharing. 

Get excited about school! Here we go! 

1. Chu's First Day of School 《学校里的惊喜》

Chu's Day Book

Included in the Chu’s Day 3-Book Chinese Set 

Follow Chu, the sneezing panda, as he overcomes his first day of school jitters! This is a great pick for younger kids that emphasizes the importance of facing your fears and being yourself.

Available for purchase here.

2. Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School 《做自己,才最酷》

Included in the Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School 6-Book Chinese Set

This book in the Pete the Cat series features Pete deciding which outfit he should wear on his first day back at school. This inspiring book teaches children that, no matter what others say, your own unique style is the best kind!

Available for purchase here.

3. Spot Goes to School 《小玻去上学》

 Included in the Where's Spot? Interactive Flip and Find 18-Book Set

Part of the much-loved children’s series Where’s Spot?, Spot Goes to School is a beginner-friendly book that will help introduce children a classroom environment. Kids love to lift the flaps and find where spot is hiding, keeping them engaged and entertained throughout the whole story!

Available for purchase here.

4. David Goes to School《大卫上学去》


 Included in the No, David! 3-Book Set

This installment in the beloved No, David! series follows the main character David on a typical day at school. David gets up to his usual antics, but eventually learns how to be a helpful and considerate student.

Available for purchase here

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What do you think?

Have you read any of these books at home or in your classroom? What did you think?

Do you have any other favorite back-to-school books? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please let us know in the comments.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Happy learning!

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