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10 Best Chinese Interactive Ebooks for Age 6-7

10 Best Chinese Interactive Ebooks for Age 6-7

10 Best Interactive Chinese Ebooks for Lower Elementary Students (Ages 6-7)

Enhance your child's Chinese listening comprehension and encourage a love of Chinese books with the following 10 Best Interactive Chinese Ebooks for Kids Ages 6-7. 

In a 2-year-long search for the best books for kids learning Chinese as a second language, our team of immersion school educators, linguistic experts, parents and child testers read and reviewed over 4000 popular children’s picture books in print and digital format to find the best Chinese children's books for each age group.

If interested, you can read more about our book selection and age-based book leveling criteria here.   

Since we know that many families do not have access to print copies of Chinese children's books at home, we decided to prioritize sharing our picks for the 40 best interactive ebooks for kids learning Chinese first.  

We've divided our picks into four age groups and will present the top 10 books for each age. Below you will find the 10 Best Chinese Interactive ebooks for children ages 6-7. To see our list for kids ages 2-5, click here

Some parents may be skeptical about the educational quality of ebooks, but here’s why ebooks and particularly animated ebooks are great—especially for kids who are reading in their community’s minority language. 

  1. It can be difficult and expensive to obtain print copies of Chinese books outside of China.
  2. Ebooks can vastly increase children’s reading exposure. Ebooks are accessible anywhere.
  3. Ebooks enable children to "read up" in a foreign language, even if they or their caregiver cannot read.
  4. Children love interactive ebooks.

    Ebook's most attractive feature may be their interactive, animated illustrations. These gently moving animations may resemble the "live photos" on your iPhone or the living photographs in the wizard newspapers of the Harry Potter movies. Animated illustrations can provide educational and developmental advantages over traditional static ebooks by allowing children to independently explore and interact with a book, somewhat similar to a guided reading experience with an adult.

    We hope that you and your 6 and 7 year old learners enjoy the books below!

    1. David Goes to School 大卫上学去 (dà wèi shàng xué qù)

    Author: David Shannon 

    Country of Origin: USA

    大卫上学去 David Goes to School 10 Best Interactive Chinese Ebook for Ages 6-7

    大卫上学去 David Goes to School 10 Best Interactive Chinese Ebook for Ages 6-7

    Description: This book is one of the David series of picture books, created by the bestselling picture-book author David Shannon based on his childhood paintings. David is again showing his high-energy antics, from running in the halls to chewing gum in class. But in this book, he has classmates with him. He needs to learn how to get along with friends and behave at school. This book is a perfect one to read to first graders getting ready to start a new school year, especially for those attending a Mandarin immersion school. 



    2. David Gets In Trouble 大卫惹麻烦 (dà wèi rě má fán)

    Author: David Shannon 

    Country of Origin: USA


    Description: Once again, David Shannon entertains us with David's mischievous antics in this book. "When David gets in trouble, he always says . . . 'NO! It's not my fault! I didn't mean to! It was an accident!'" Whatever the situation, David's got a good excuse. And no matter what he's done "wrong," it's never really his fault. The most fun part of this Ebook is it allows kids to interact with David, such as throwing a baseball to him or taking a group picture for his class. Kids can easily learn common everday phrases in this book.



    3. Perfect 完美 (wán měi)

    Author: Max Amato

    Country of Origin: USA

    Description: This is a funny book about a fussy eraser and a mischievous pencil. The eraser tries to keep the pages clean by erasing the scribbles of the mischievous pencil. But when the eraser finds out it can draw things on paper colored completely dark by the pencil, it discovers what can happen when two opposing forces come together to have fun. The eraser and the pencil serve as positive role models for kids playing together. They encourage finding creative solutions that result in mutually-beneficial collaborations.



    4. A Taste of The Moon 月亮的味道 (yuè liàng dí wèi dào)

    Author: Michael Grejniec

    Country of Origin: Poland

    Description: This book tells a tale about how a group of animals collaborate to reach the moon. The book's unique and striking watercolor illustrations capture the attention of adults and kids alike. At age 6-7, most kids love animals and are fascinated by the moon and sky. In this book, young readers will encounter a range of vocabulary about both topics as well as some simple verbs. This is also a popular book to read during the mid-autumn Moon Festival.

    本书是世界著名图画书作家麦克·格雷涅茨的优秀作品,他利用表面粗糙的手工纸画出一个个生动的形象,上色后剪下来再请摄像师拍出相应的场景,最后才为小朋友们编织出了一个充满奇思妙想的月亮下动物们的故事。妙趣横生的情节,烂漫瑰丽的想象,童真诙谐的语言,搭配匠心独运的动画互动效果。翻开这本动画书,相信你会会心一笑,沉浸在夜空中细微的光影变化和欢声笑语中,和小动物们一起品尝到自己喜欢的月亮的味道。 本书特别适合在中秋节阅读。


    5. After The Drizzle 小雨后 (xiǎo yǔ hòu)

    Author: Yawen Zhou 

    Country of Origin: China 


    Description: This book shows a lot of Chinese cultural elements through rhymes and ink painting. It describes a kid and a puppy playing after the drizzle. By listening to the pleasant background music and immersing in the cute illustrations, kids will enjoy the book's childhood moments. It is an excellent opportunity for younger kids to read this authentic Chinese rhyme and learn familiar words used in childhood.



    6. I Won 我赢了 (wǒ yíng le)

    Author: Ruth Wielockx

    Country of Origin: Netherlands

    Description: "Attention, please! Is everyone ready for the race? Three … Two … One … Go!" The competitors quickly run to their vehicles. But who is the fastest one? The scooter, the fire engine, or the tricycle? Or perhaps the racing bike or bus? And who won finally? This is a cool picture book for younger kids, and the Chinese version is easy for kids ages 6-7. The language is simple and straightforward, and it's a perfect reader for learning transportation vocabulary.



    7. Circus 1, 2, 3 瓢虫马戏团 (piáo chóng mǎ xì tuán)

    Author: Guido Van Genechten

    Country of origin: Belgium

    Description: This is a playful counting book for kids ages 3 and up. Kids will see 1, 2, 3, and more circus performers give a fantastic show. Watch them in the ring, on the high wire, on their bikes, and on the flying trapeze. We picked this book for kids ages 6-7 because it's a book about counting numbers and learning various Chinese verbs. It could be an excellent supplement to the lower elementary grades' language and science curriculum. 



    8. Because You Are My Friend 找朋友 (zhǎo péng yǒu)

    Author: Guido Van Genechten

    Country of origin: Belgium


    Description: Snowy is a polar bear. He and his mommy are best friends; they do everything together, just the two of them. Little by little, Snowy is growing up, and one day mommy teaches him a new game: making friends. Brave and full of heart, Snowy sets off in hopes someone might like to be his friend. Along the way, he meets a cast of many strangers, including an unfriendly seagull, a playful seal, a bunch of quarreling penguins, an old walrus, and a young polar bear. This tender and moving story convey friendship and love's true meaning, and the lovely illustrations will attract kids and teach them how to make new friends.


    9. Big Brother Ricky 我当哥哥啦 (wǒ dāng gē gē le)

    Author: Guido Van Genechten

    Country of origin: Belgium

    Description: Flop Ear Rabbit Ricky Growth Picture Book Series consists of 12 volumes. They tell exciting stories about Ricky, his family and friends. This particular story takes place right after Ricky's birthday. His Mom and Dad tell him that they're expecting a baby in the family, and Ricky will be the big brother! Ricky is thrilled and a little disappointed because the baby will not be born until after winter. So he has to wait a long time. Finally, spring is here, and the apple trees are blooming. One sunny morning, the babies are born! Kids ages 6-7 like to talk about their younger siblings if they have them. This book could be a good starting point for discussing having a new baby at home or talking about family members in class.



    10. Bruiser 铲车大汉 (chǎn chē dà hàn)

    Author: Gavin Bishop

    Country of Origin: New Zealand 

    Description: This book is a classic in New Zealand. Bruiser is a digger on a mission. He is plowing the hillsides, crushing rocks, and tearing up forests so that he can get the motorway built. But one day, Bruiser gets stuck in the mud, and while he's trying hard to get out, he knocks a magpie nest out of a tree, and it's up to Bruiser to get the birds inside to safety. It is an excellent book for kids to laugh and learn weekdays and verbs in the Chinese language.




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    These book lists are so helpful, thank you! I don’t speak (much less read) Chinese but my child has enjoyed several of these and I appreciate having some options to suggest when they’re looking for something new.


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