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Luka®Classic Bundle-Read Chinese with your Toddler!

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Luka read with toddler Chinese children book gift bundle elephant and piggie 小猪小象 Mo WillemsLuka®Classic Bundle-Read Chinese with your Toddler!Luka Book Reading Robot CompanionLuka®Classic Bundle-Read Chinese with your Toddler!小猪小象  xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng elephant and piggie chinese children's book reading chinese 9787513318303小猪小象  xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng elephant and piggie chinese children's book reading chinese 9787513318303Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie 小猪小象 9787512507418 Chinese Childrens book 2Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie 小猪小象 9787512507418 Chinese Childrens book 2Luka Book Reading Robot Companion human voice Luka Book Reading Robot Companion record books in your own voiceLuka Book Reading Robot Companion audioLuka Book Reading Robot Companion tap to switch reading languagesLuka Book Reading Robot Companion the messengerLuka Book Reading Robot CompanionLuka Book Reading Robot Companion read book engaging human voiceLuka Book Reading Robot CompanionLuka Book Reading Robot Companion children's book chineseLuka®Classic Bundle-Read Chinese with your Toddler!

The best solution for nurturing your toddler to be bilingual! Start your child down the path to a stronger mind, a larger friend group, and a spectacular future. Take advantage of your toddler's natural talent for learning Chinese. Joining you on your journey to help make reading Chinese fun and easy is Luka® Classic, the reading robot!

Luka® Classic:

  • Reads over 20,000 English and 70,000 Chinese children's books and counting!
  • Teachers and parents can record their own voice for books that Luka can't read yet.
  • Plays music, nursery rhymes, and audio stories.
  • Interacts with children in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Plays games and more!

      小猪小象 ( xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng) Elephant and Piggie, professionally translated into Chinese from Mo Willems' wildly popular children's books.  Featuring simple Chinese phrases in large speech bubbles, repetitive phrases, and common expressions. Kids find the stories laugh-out-loud funny! 

      The 5 hardcover Ellephant and Piggie books included in this bundle are sourt-after collector's items as they are no longer in print. They are our last remaining hardcover copies of these bestselling books. 

      Book titles: 

      《小猪小象--一起出去玩吧》(xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng--yīqǐ chūqù wán ba) Are You Ready to Play Outside?
      《小猪小象--长鼻子折了》 (xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng--cháng bízi zhéle) I Broke My Trunk
      《小猪小象--我的新玩具》(xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng--wǒ de xīn wánjù) I Love My New Toy
      《小猪小象--小猪害我打喷嚏》(xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng--xiǎo zhū hài wǒ dǎ pēntì) Pigs Make Me Sneeze
      《小猪小象--小猪节快乐》(xiǎo zhū xiǎo xiàng--xiǎo zhū jié kuàilè) Happy Pig Day!

      Protect your Luka with one of these adorable animal covers! A $10 value just for you! Random cover will be sent.

      Luka Hero plush animal cover


      Watch Luka® Classic read books:

          JoJo is the only authorized Luka® partner and retailer in North America.

          • 24-hour customer service response
          • 14-day no-questions-asked return
          • 1 year warranty

          PLEASE NOTE: 

          • There are multiple Luka® models. JoJo recommends & carries only Luka® Classic & Luka® Hero because these are most suitable for English-speaking children learning Chinese. 

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