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Who Read These Scary Chinese Books to My Child On This Busy Halloween?

Who Read These Scary Chinese Books to My Child On This Busy Halloween?

My 4-year old son Ming Ming read four scary Chinese picture books today, not with his mommy who ran around frantically trying to get a million things done for work and for home on this busy Halloween, but with this mysterious monster he adores.


Here is how this little monster reads books... 


This morning, Ming Ming dressed up in his favorite police costume and was so excited to find out that his little friend was also dressed up for Halloween! He asked to take him to school so that they could go trick or treat together. He also made up this adorable song, to my delight, in Chinese! 


Who is this little monster? What does it do? How did it become Ming Ming's good friend?  

Read Caelyn's in-depth review of this mysterious monster here to find out. :-) 

After Years of Searching, Did I Finally Find A Way for My Children to Independently Enjoy Chinese Books? 

You can also read CHALK Academy founder Betty Choi's review of this special robot here: Reading Robot is a Game Changer for Bilingual Chinese-English Speaking Families.  


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I love how you dressed up Luka for Halloween! The little duck and mummy are adorable!

Betty | CHALK Academy

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