The Berenstain Bears 12-Book Set (Bilingual)

The Berenstain Bears 12-Book Set (Bilingual)

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By: Jan & Mike Berenstain, 姚雁青  (translator)  
Originally Published in: US 
Format: paperback 
Language: Simplified Chinese and English
Pages per book: 32 
Lines per page: 1-6
Price per book: $2.99
Audio book: read by Luka 

Are you a non-native speaking parent intimidated by the prospect of a book that you can't explain to your child?  Maybe you have a child in an immersion school who still needs a little help checking his or her comprehension.

This 12-book set filled with the classic Berenstain Bears stories adapted into the "I Can Read!" format contains both English and Chinese on every page. Although the Chinese text in this book is smaller than the English text (the series is published primarily to help Chinese children learn English), the KaiTi font makes the Chinese easily legible.

Are you interested in this series but afraid your little one will be distracted by the English?  One educator hack is to use sticky notes, painter's tape, or masking tape to cover English when you don't need it. 

If your family has Luka, your child can enjoy listening to any of these books in either language.  

Book titles: 

《水族馆的一天》 The Berenstain Bears, At The Aquarium
《许愿星》The Berenstain Bears, Wishing Star
《海滩挖宝记》The Berenstain Bears, Seashore Treasure
《去农场做客》The Berenstain Bears, Down on the Farm
《新来的狗狗》The Berenstain Bears, New Pup
《参观养蜂场》The Berenstain Bears, Class Trip
《过夜的小客人》The Berenstain Bears, Sleepover
《捡来的小猫》The Berenstain Bears, New Kitten
《坐火车旅行》The Berenstain Bears, All Aboard 
《金花鼠宝宝到我家》The Berenstain Bears, Baby Chipmunk 
《西部牧场行》The Berenstain Bears, Out West
《小马驹奥斯卡》The Berenstain Bears, Shaggy Little Pony 

    Is my child ready for this set?

    "Read to me": Children age 3+  will enjoy having these books read to them either by Luka or a caregiver.

    "Read by myself": The limited text per page and the prevalence of common, repetitive language from daily life, makes this series a good "bridge book" for readers ages 7+. 

    Option to pair with Luka

    Consider adding Luka, the reading robot, to your order. Luka reads all 12 books included in this set as well as all book sets in our "Luka Approved" collection. 

    Set Luka in front of a book, and it will read aloud any random page your child turns to-- creating a unique, independent physical book reading experience even if your child isn't ready to read by herself. Looking for a toy that is both cool and educational? Consider Luka!   

    In total, Luka reads 30,000 Chinese children's picture books and 6,000 English children's books. Click to read our founders' personal review of Luka here.   

    Happy learning!