Octonauts 10-Book Set
Octonauts 10-Book Set
Octonauts 10-Book Set
Octonauts 10-Book Set
Octonauts 10-Book Set

Octonauts 10-Book Set

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By: Vampire Squid Production(Illustrated by) 海豚传媒  
Originally published in: US and Canada 
Format: paperback
Language: Simplified Chinese
Pages per book: 99
Lines per page: 0-14
Price per book: $5.95
Pinyin: with Pinyin to aid fledgling Chinese readers
Audio book: read by Luka 


This 10-book set is a great gift for young Octonauts fans learning Mandarin Chinese.  Combined with the hit educational TV series on YouTube, these books can help jump-start your at-home immersion environment by enabling multi-modal learning, the synchronized activation of different brain systems (visual, auditory and conceptual) for language acquisition. 

This set is quite substantial as each book is 99 pages long. Although it may sound intimidating, it could be a great set to motivate a fluent reader of "leveled readers" to take their reading to the next level.

Each book contains 3 stories, each of which corresponds to one episode of Octonauts.

Pinyin above the text helps budding readers by allowing them to look up unknown characters, or guess the meaning of words they may have heard, but never seen before. 

Book titles:

《饥饿的引水鱼》The Hungry Pilot Fish
《大王乌贼》The Giant Squid 
《独角鲸》The Narwhal
《迷路海星》The Lost Sea Star
《海象首领》The Walrus Chief
《海马传说》The Seahorse Tale
《水滴鱼兄弟》The Blobfish Brothers
《海底风暴》The Undersea Storm
《怪兽地图》Monster Map
《小海豚》The Baby Dolphin


This set, with up to 14 lines of text on each page, is a step-up in reading level from the Octonauts 4-Book Set

Is my child ready for this set?

"Read to Me"Children ages 5+ who are familiar with the show Octonauts will enjoy having this book read to them either by Luka or a caregiver.   

"Read by Myself"Learners ages 7+ who have a firm foundation reading 2-3 sentence per page Chinese books and are familiar with the Octonauts series, will likely find this book set at a suitable reading level. The books provide pinyin to aid fledgling readers. 

Option to pair with Luka

Consider adding Luka, the reading robot, to your order. Luka reads all 10 books included in this set as well as all books in our "Luka Approved" collection.

Set Luka in front of a book, and it will read aloud any page your child turns to. For busy parents who are wrestling with time to sit down with their children as they gravitate towards longer book reading sessions, Luka will really be helpful! Luka creates a unique, independent physical book reading experience even if your child can't read by herself yet.   

Looking for a gift to your children that is both cool and educational? Consider Luka

In total, Luka can read 30,000 Chinese children's picture books and 6,000 English children's books. Click to read our founders' personal review of Luka here.  

Happy learning!