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Disney Frozen, Finding Nemo, Snow White 冰雪奇缘, 海底总动员1寻找尼莫,白雪公主和七个小矮人
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Disney Frozen 冰雪奇缘 chinese book
Disney Frozen 冰雪奇缘 chinese book
Disney Frozen 冰雪奇缘 chinese book
Finding Nemo 海底总动员1寻找尼莫
Finding Nemo 海底总动员1寻找尼莫
Finding Nemo 海底总动员1寻找尼莫
Snow White ,白雪公主和七个小矮人 Disney
Snow White ,白雪公主和七个小矮人 Disney
Snow White ,白雪公主和七个小矮人 Disney
Snow White ,白雪公主和七个小矮人 Disney
Frozon Chinese blingual 冰雪奇缘

Disney Classic Frozen, Finding Nemo, Snow White -3 Chinese Children's Books(Bilingual)

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 By: Disney, translated by 沈金花 etc.  
Originally Published In: United States
Format: paperback
Language: Simplified Chinese and English
Pages per book: 96
Lines per page: 3-8 lines
Price per book: $13.30
Audio book: All 3 books read by Luka in Chinese and English

Finally, your child's favorite 迪士尼经典电影故事 (dí shì ní jīng diǎn diàn yǐng gù shìDisney stories are available in both Chinese and English: 冰雪奇缘 (bīng xuě qí yuánFrozen, 寻找尼莫 (xún zhǎo ní mò) Finding Nemo, and 白雪公主 (bái xuě gōng zhǔ)Snow White. 

If your child is already familiar with these stories because they have seen the movies (once, twice, or a thousand times!), then they are already prepared for a scaffolded reading experience when they read or listen to these stories in Chinese. 

Each of the books in this set is a substantial 96-page story, providing more details than the 47-page Disney Classic 15-book set we carry, as well as an increased Chinese book listening time for your true Disney fan!

Perfect for a child with about 1000 Chinese characters under his or her belt to read independently or for a younger child to "read up" with Luka or a care giver.

The Chinese translations of these books have been well done and use common language. The only uncommon language is of the characters' translated names. 

Although transliterated names can seem difficult for young learners to grasp, language immersion experts recommend using real names to help familiarize young learners with Chinese characters that they will encounter later. Although a phonetically translated name may seem to be irrelevant as a "word", each Chinese character in the name is usually a common character that a Chinese speaker needs to know.

For example, in Finding Nemo, "Dory" is translated into 多莉 (duō lì):  多, many; 莉 jasmine. Both characters are common and frequently used Chinese characters.  In addition, 多莉 has become a "real" word for children as the Disney movie and story have become part of the Chinese pop culture. 

Each page of the book contains a word bubble for Key Vocabulary or Advanced Vocabulary. 

Each book ends with a few exercises derived from the stories. 


Book titles: 迪士尼经典电影故事 (dí shì ní jīng diǎn diàn yǐng gù shì

《白雪公主》Snow White
《海底总动员-寻找尼莫》Finding Nemo

Is my child ready for this set?

"Read to me": Children ages 4+ will enjoy having these books read to them either by Luka or a caregiver.

"Read by myself": A perfect high-interest book to stretch the vocabulary of young readers. Chinese learners who know about 1000 characters will be able to independently read these books with minimal assistance.   

Option to pair with Luka

Consider adding Luka, the reading robot, to your order. Luka reads all 3 books included in this set both in English and in Chinese. Each book is about 30 minutes of engaging, independent reading time with Luka! Tap Luka's head to switch the language he is reading in. Please note: Luka does NOT read the "Key Vocabulary" bubbles on each page, only the stories. 

Set Luka in front of a book, and it will read aloud any page your child turns to-- creating a unique, independent physical book reading experience even if your child isn't ready to read by herself. Looking for a toy that is both cool and educational? Consider Luka!   

In total, Luka reads 70,000 Chinese children's picture books and thousands of English Children's books. Click to read our founders' personal review of Luka here.   

Happy learning!