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Reading Challenge: Read To Win Legos

Calling All Master Builders!

Build your LEGO collection by building your Chinese proficiency.

How it works

The month-long competition is divided into three challenges. 
Download printouts: Challenge 1 ; Challenge 2 Challenge 3
Please note that you are only asked to post your 1 coloring page and 1 drawing for each of the following 10-day challenge. Although you do NOT have to post pictures everyday, you are welcome to post as many pictures as you like! 


Can I read the same Chinese book multiple times?


Do I need to read books in Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese? 

Whichever you like!

Do I have to read the books by myself?

No. You can read by yourself, read with your mom and dad, read with Luka, read with Ellabook, or read with your pet. Read any way you like!  If you don't have enough Chinese books in your house, you can get free access to over 1,000 interactive Chinese e-books through Ellabook. 

What if I don't have a printer and can't print out the coloring pages?

Feel free to use your creativity (or ask mom and dad to help) to draw your own coloring pages. Just make sure we can tell how many books you have read.  There should be ten distinct spaces for you to color for challenge 1, twenty for challenge 2, and thirty for challenge 3. Here is a very simple example of what you could draw, but feel free to be more creative.

How do I increase my chances of winning?

After you have asked your parents to help you post pictures of your completed coloring page and favorite book drawing in the comments section page. Invite your extended family and friends to view the posts. If your posted pictures were seen by more people, you have a better chance to gain the more "likes." You are also welcome to post multiple pictures!

Can I participate even if I live outside the continental U.S.?

Yes. You can participate! If you win, we will send you an Amazon gift-card of equivalent value for your mom and dad to help you get a LEGO set in the country where you live. 

Do I have to write the name of each book that I read?

Although writing the titles of the books you read would be a good way to practice characters, we are not requiring you to write the name of each of the books that you read. 

We are running this competition on the honor system, so we will trust that you actually read each book if we see that you colored the book(s) for that day. 

Do I have to pay for shipping if I win?

If you live in the United States, your Lego set will be mailed to you. There is absolutely no cost for you. If you live outside of the United States, you will receive an Amazon gift card for your mom and dad to help you order the LEGO set for you in your own country.   

How will I be notified if I win?

We will announce the winner via a Facebook post on JoJo Learning's Facebook page on the following days:

  • Challenge 1- Great Wall LEGO set- 12pm Eastern on July 30th
  • Challenge 2- Dragonboat LEGO set- 12pm Eastern on August 10th
  • Challenge 3- Shanghai LEGO set- 12pm Eastern on August 20th

Can I participate if I live in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore?  

Yes, please! As long as you are learning Chinese as a second language, we'd love for you to join in this challenge! 

Let's start reading! Don't forget to come find us on Facebook to follow competition updates!







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