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December Reading Challenge 2020

This December, enjoy an abundance of stories!

Try the JoJo #WuShiGeGuShi  (Fifty Stories) reading challenge in a Christmas or Hanukkah theme!

Month-long 50-book Chinese reading challenge.


How to participate?

Have your kiddo...

  1. Read, read along with, or listen to any fifty Chinese books during the month of December. (Repeting a book is fine)

  2. Each time your child reads a book, have him or her color one book in either of our two #WuShiGeGuShi Challenges: “五十个故事 Christmas Tree” or “五十个故事 Menorah”.

  3. Take a pic of the completely colored sheet and tag us on social media*(Insta: @jojo_learning or FB: @jojolearning) by midnight PST on January 1st. 

        *If you don't have social media or prefer not to use it, you can also email us the pic at

We'll pick our TOP 5 posts on January 2nd and send the winners a fun and educational fidget toy called a "What' Zit Mini" (pictured below).

What'zit Mini folded

Regardless whether your child wins or not, we recommend offering some incentive for them when they complete the challenge--whether it is an extra treat on New Year's day, a baking adventure with you, or a trip to the local bakery/dollar store, making an event of accomplishing this goal will help associate hard work with nice reward. We hope this may start a virtuous cycle of Chinese reading!

Click Here to get the Christmas Challenge Printable

Click Here to get the Hanukkah Challenge Printable 

When we ran our #SummerBookBuilding challenges this summer, we heard from some of you that your kids were genuinely excited about reading in Chinese for the first time in a long time!

Here are quotes about kids ranging in age from 3-13:

Chinese book reading challenge with JoJo, feedback

Inspired by you, we decided to create a few simplified reading challenges for your family to enjoy this holiday season! 

Happy learning, y'all!

The JoJo Team 



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