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Leo the Late Bloomer-Chinese
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Leo the Late Bloomer-Chinese
Leo the Late Bloomer-Chinese
Leo the Late Bloomer-Chinese

Leo the Late Bloomer-Chinese

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By: Robert Kraus,王林 (Translator)
Originally Published in:
Format: Hardcover
Simplified Chinese
Pages per book:
Lines per page: 
Audio book: read by Luka 

Leo the Late Bloomer-Chinese 阿虎开窍了 (ā hǔ kāi qiào le

Bestselling author Robert Kraus uses vivid illustrations and simple text to tell the story of 阿虎(ā hǔ) a little tiger who bloomed late. The masterful Chinese translation makes this book a delight to read!

阿虎 couldn’t do anything right. He couldn’t read, write, draw or even say a word! He was also a sloppy eater.阿虎’s father was concerned: “what’s the matter with 阿虎?” 阿虎’s mother said: “Nothing. 阿虎is just a late bloomer." All day and night, 阿虎’s father watched him for signs of blooming. 阿虎’s mother said: “Patience. A watched bloomer doesn’t bloom.” So 阿虎’s father watched television instead of 阿虎. But seasons changed and, still, 阿虎 was not blooming.  Then, one beautiful day, in his own good time, 阿虎bloomed!  He read 6 books at one time. He wrote, he drew, he ate neatly, and he spoke. . .not just a word, but a full sentence. He said, "I made it.” 

Is my child ready for this set?

"Read to me": Ages 3+ will enjoy having these books read to them either by Luka or a caregiver.

"Read by myself": The limited text per page and the prevalence of common language from daily life make it a good "bridge book" for readers. The involved plot and detailed illustrations will capture the interest of experienced readers, ages 5+. 

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Happy learning!  

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